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IWMI joins new dialogue series by ACIAR 

In the inaugural session of the ACIAR Research for Development Dialogue series, IWMI, NAFRI, and ACIAR celebrated a strong 16-year relationship through the presentation and discussion of two widely successful research programs completed in Laos this year. One of these outstanding projects was IWMI Laos’s Agricultural Groundwater Project, presented by IWMI’s Paul Pavelic. Peter Horne, General Director of Country Operations co-chaired the meeting with was Dr Bounthong Bouahom, Diretor General of the National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI), and emphasized the importance of demonstrating how applied research results can influence policy and the future development of programs.

Peter Horne congratulated the programs for outputs such as new tools, maps, and economic assessments that illustrate the tangible positive impacts of these projects. It was widely agreed upon that policy makers need to see this evidence at scale: the number of farmers impacted needs to be high and evidentially sizable across a region, and we are on the path to meeting this goal. The increased capacity of the project was evident, and the commitment to involving students of diverse backgrounds proves vital to long term program success. The significance of ensuring that all ongoing projects go all the way through to development was also highlighted.

The Research to Development Dialogue Series will continue to showcase and facilitate the inexplicably important connection between research and political action.

Posted by IWMI Thursday, October 27, 2016 1:36:00 PM