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Short Course on Hydrogeology I – Fundamental of Groundwater Resources_Brief 

The “Short Course on Hydrogeology I – Fundamental of Groundwater Resources” was organized at the Groundwater Research Center – Khon Kaen University, between 22 and 25 April 2013, to build better understanding of the groundwater science, development and management; strengthen the institutional and human capacities, especially those of the groundwater project; expand the teaching and research capacity in university partners; and improve team-spirit within the groundwater project.

The sessions were a mixture of theory, practice, tutorials and field visits to research areas and irrigation projects.

A total of 30 team members from Lao, namely Department of Irrigation (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry); Department of Water Resources, and Natural Resources and Environment Institute (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment); Water Resources Engineering Department – Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Environmental Sciences (National University of Laos), attended plus 2 invited IWMI colleagues, supplemented by around 14 Thai team members from GWRC-KKU attended for the entire four days.

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Inception Workshop_Brief 

The “Agricultural Groundwater Use in Laos” project organized an inception workshop between 5 and 7 September 2012 to bring together those with common interests and goals (within and beyond the water resources sector) to discuss sustainable groundwater development options and issues in Lao PDR and to help improve the research study. The workshop was attended by 58 participants from five countries including Australia, Japan, Lao PDR, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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