Short Course on Hydrogeology I – Fundamental of Groundwater Resources_Brief

The “Short Course on Hydrogeology I – Fundamental of Groundwater Resources” was organized at the Groundwater Research Center – Khon Kaen University, between 22 and 25 April 2013, to build better understanding of the groundwater science, development and management; strengthen the institutional and human capacities, especially those of the groundwater project; expand the teaching and research capacity in university partners; and improve team-spirit within the groundwater project.

The sessions were a mixture of theory, practice, tutorials and field visits to research areas and irrigation projects.

A total of 30 team members from Lao, namely Department of Irrigation (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry); Department of Water Resources, and Natural Resources and Environment Institute (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment); Water Resources Engineering Department – Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Environmental Sciences (National University of Laos), attended plus 2 invited IWMI colleagues, supplemented by around 14 Thai team members from GWRC-KKU attended for the entire four days.

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