Two-day Groundwater Team Meeting

The Enhancing the resilience and productivity of rainfed dominated systems in Lao PDR through sustainable groundwater use project recently completed its two-day team meeting on 3 and 4 April 2014, in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.

The main objectives of the two-day team meeting were to bring all partners together to share their achievements and the challenges encountered during the project since the last meeting was held in early 2013. Some of the major accomplishments highlighted include the completion of the short course on Hydrogeology II – Groundwater Modeling and Application, the socioeconomic survey carried out at Ekxang Village, the fellowship grant secured for a member of a local partner and the support provided to ensure their acceptance on a PhD scholarship to study in Australia.

Other outputs from the project include the following:

* Asseldonk, M.W.J. van. 2013. Towards an understanding of how community participation leads to a greater sense of responsibility of the community in groundwater irrigation projects in Lao PDR: A case study from Ekxang village, Vientiane Province. BSc thesis on Future Planet Studies. The Netherlands: University of Amsterdam.

* Hydrogeosci Co. Ltd. 2013. An appraisal of groundwater irrigation prospects at THXP resettlement villages. Report to IWMI for Theun-Hinboun Power Company Ltd. (unpublished).

* Pavelic, P.; Kone, O.; Ongkeo, O. In prep. Pathways to realizing the potential for effective groundwater governance from the least developed country context of the Lao PDR. Water International (under review).

* Serre, L.-A. 2013. Impact of informal irrigation on the groundwater resources at the village scale on the Vientiane Plain, Lao PDR. Diploma thesis (French). France: ISTOM. [IWMI report is under preparation].

The meeting also allowed each participant to highlight what they were planning to contribute to the project in 2014, with sessions to share constructive feedback apart from building team spirit. It was also an opportunity for those who are new to the project to obtain further information on activities of the project.

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