IWMI Staff


Dr. Paul Pavelic, Project Leader
IWMI Principle Researcher


Involvement: Project leader; specializes in groundwater and conjunctive use management in relation to issues such as floods & droughts, managed aquifer recharge, watershed development, small scale irrigation development and riverbank filtration.


Dr. Guillaume Lacombe, Project Team Member
IWMI Senior Researcher – Water Resources and Hydrology


Involvement: assessed groundwater recharge in Laos and across the Lower Mekong Basin using base-flow separation methods and multiple linear regressions.


Dr. Diana Suhardiman
Senior Researcher


Involvement: conducted field research in both Ban Ekxang and Ban Phousan, working together with various farming households to learn and understand how they position groundwater use as part of their farming strategies; methodology consisted of a series of focus group discussions, in-depth semi-structured interviews with individual households, and direct observation in the field.


Dr. Lisa Rebelo
Senior Researcher in Remote Sensing & GIS


Involvement: contributed GIS and remote sensing expertise to estimate groundwater exploitation potential for Lao PDR


Dr. Brindha Karthikeyan
Post-Doctoral Fellow


Involvement: monitored groundwater levels and collected meteorological data and water and soil quality analysis from the Vientiane Plains; also trained government officials and students in field and laboratory activities.


Mr. Somphasith Douangsavanh
Research Officer
Involvement: contributes GIS analysis, database development and management, and ground water modeling, mapping and field data collection.


Mr. Anousith Keophoxay
Research Officer


Involvement: develops questionnaire instruments, conducts household surveys, and uses participatory methods and tools including focus group discussions and in-depth key informant interviews.


Touleelor Sotoukee
Database/GIS Specialist


Involvement: facilitates focus group discussions (Ban Phousan); conducts surveys (Ban Ekxang and Phousan); monitors a drilled well and collects water and soil samples in Vientiane Plain; installation of weather station and rain station in Chantha house; installation of well data logger in Ekxang village and in Ekxang watershed


Dalaphone Sihanath
Communication and Research Uptake Specialist


Involvement: Works on Communication to increase visibility of groundwater project for general public awareness (updated groundwater website, photography, information dissemination, display booths, media training, & study tour) and research uptake activities to influence policy (supported engagement with partners, key stakeholders and research users)


Mathieu Viossanges


Involvement: Assesses the groundwater resources at the national scale through groundwater potential mapping (GIS, remote sensing) and at the local scale in the Vientiane Plains around the focal site of Ban Ekxang (recharge estimations, aquifer characterization, etc.); also involved in supervising the monitoring of biophysical parameters and in the training of Lao interns on groundwater science both in the field and at office.


Clement Corentin


Involvement: manages groundwater irrigation pilot trial at Ban Ekxang including infrastructure development, Groundwater User Group training, and partnership building; conducts research on agricultural practices and impact on the livelihoods on farmers; contributes to capacity building and training efforts at the Faculty of Water Resources, working closely with junior academics and students to help build-up the quality of the teaching/curriculum and research as the campus transitions from Department to Faculty status.

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